September 18, 2021

Facebook Publishes New Guide to Testing Ad Creative, and Optimizing Response

By Andrew Hutchinson, Content and Social Media Manager for Social Media Today

Facebook has published a new guidebook to ‘Creative Prototyping’ which provides a range of notes to help guide advertisers in testing and optimizing their ad creative, and improving response based on each specific element.

The 29-page guide is primarily focused on gaming advertisers, but there are some valuable notes and pointers that apply to all campaigns and verticals, and may well be worth incorporating into your approach.

You can download the guidebook for yourself here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key notes.

First off, Facebook provides a definition of ‘creative prototyping’ and what it means, practically, in your strategic approach.

“Creative Prototyping is a creative and measurement framework that involves conducting structured experiments with ad creative to drive success. Creative Prototyping is not a plug-and-play, pre-testing solution but rather a framework (Ask, Make, Learn, Adapt) designed for games companies who want to grow their business through intentional creative testing and learning.”

Facebook Creative Prototyping guide

So it’s a template for testing your ad creative, and Facebook’s guide provides step-by-step notes on each element, and how you can incorporate them into your approach.

The first section looks at testing creative aspects, and how to isolate each to ensure that you’re getting specific results on performance.

“For example, understanding the effect of video length on performance is a learning that can be applied to all campaigns, whereas understanding the difference in performance between two creative executions does not maximize the opportunity to learn.”

Facebook also provides various flow charts and examples throughout the guide, highlighting how you can implement each testing process.

Facebook Creative Prototyping guide

And again, while the guide is focused on game developers, the overall notes and pointers are relevant for all campaigns.

Facebook also outlines various case studies and examples to highlight each point, while it also details key design principles and testing criteria for your ads, and notes on how to maximize your learnings.

Facebook Creative Prototyping guide

The final element of the guide also includes several worksheets and templates to help you map out your campaigns using the noted principles and concepts.

Facebook Creative Prototyping guide

It’s an interesting read, and again, while it is focused on gaming, and you need to translate parts of it over to your brand usage, the key points will be of value to all advertisers, and anyone looking to test their ad creative and get down to their own optimal ad approaches.

It might help trigger your thinking on some of these key elements – and with the holiday season fast approaching, it could prove highly valuable in your approach.

You can download Facebook’s ‘Creative Prototyping’ guidebook here.


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