September 16, 2021

6 lessons and predictions from the best social media campaign ideas of 2021

Of the billions (maybe trillions) of forgettable posts that are published on social every day, there are always a few social media campaign ideas that we can’t seem to forget.

You know what I’m talking about. That successful social media campaign that goes viral for days and inspires a slew of copycats who wish they thought of the idea first.

For example: the #SpotifyWrapped campaign is something I look forward to every year. Another campaign I love is the recent collaboration between the NBA and NBA paint, a fan account with over 70,000 followers, to announce the teams’ regular-season schedules.

You don’t have to be a creative genius to dream up the next brand campaign to break the internet. There are a number of tried-and-true elements marketers can borrow from campaigns that have gone viral before, from short-form video to audio-first content to inclusive marketing. In this article, we’ll break down six standout social media campaign ideas from the past year to learn what makes them so successful and what they reveal about the future of social campaigns.


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